Our CHAIN REACTION retro video games account on Amazon is back online

Our chain reaction account is activated again since the 27th of July 2017.

You can now order games on our Amazon webshop in France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy :

AMAZON.FR chain reaction (home marketplace)

AMAZON.CO.UK chain reaction

AMAZON.DE chain reaction

AMAZON.ES chain reaction

AMAZON.IT chain reaction

The home marketplace is Amazon France, where you can find all the products available.  On other marketplaces the offer is limited.

For the moment no video games and other products are available any more on the German marketplace.  A lot of games are geo-blocked to Germany because they don’t have the USK label on the front cover and because of the censorship in Germany.  Also, games of 18+ need to be sent with an age verifying procedure. 

If you buy our PRIME products you don’t have to pay postage costs if you reach a minimum of £20 (UK), €25 (France) and €29 (Germany, Italy and Spain). You can combine more than one product to reach the threshold.

You can click HERE to go back to back to the main menu.

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