CHAIN REACTION and DJSIDE will continue despite the ongoing Coronacrisis

We will continue our activities during this ongoing crisis. DJSIDE is still represented on eBay, Amazon and Delcampe.

The CHAIN REACTION account on Amazon is open and running in France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain. We also started to sell on

Some delivery companies will restrict their services :

  • Bpost will still deliver packages to EU, UK and US for standard packages.
  • Mondial Relay will still work in Belgium and France and deliver to relay points that are not closed. Deliveries in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany are still going but with delays. Home deliveries in Luxemburg (with DC Postal) are restarted on the 11th of May 2020. No packages will be sent to the UK.
  • GLS will not send to the UK.
  • La Poste in France will work but can have delays.

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