How to track your package & Postage rates.

POSTAGE RATES All orders done through BOL.COM are postage included. Orders through AMAZON are shown on the site, and are between €2,79 – €9,99. Orders through eBAY are shown on the site, and are between €4 – €15, depending on the country of destination. WEB.PARCELAPP.NET A good app […]

How to contact us.

You can scan this QR-code to contact us. How to scan : Open your camera app. Scan this QR-code. You will be directed to our Chain Reaction page in Facebook. Click on the ‘Send Message’ button You will be directed to a FB Messenger window where you can […]


As mentioned in a previous post we are still alive and kicking. We have put more than 100 games on the BOL.COM site : CHAIN REACTION ON BOL.COM For the moment there are about 120 games available suitable for sale in the Netherlands and Flanders. We will put […]

CHAIN REACTION and DJSIDE will continue despite the ongoing Coronacrisis

We will continue our activities during this ongoing crisis. DJSIDE is still represented on eBay, Amazon and Delcampe. For the moment the CHAIN REACTION account on Amazon is blocked. We will start to sell on very soon. The site will be updated shortly. Some delivery companies will […]

We have a page on

Amazon blocked all the FBA-stocks of the 3rd party sellers and causes like this a lot of trouble. Therefore we have decided not to put any items on this site for the moment. You can buy on the new webshop of Amazon in the Netherlands : Boutique Chain […]

🎮RetroGamebeursTilburg 🕹on Tour on the 25th of october 2020 in Margriethal te SCHIEDAM (new date)

On the 25th of october we will be on the RetroGamebeurs in Schiedam situated in the Margriethal. The date has been changed due to the Corona crisis : Please click HERE to go back to the main menu. You can still buy our games online.

We are on the Gamewahalla Game fair in Aarschot on the 1st of march 2020

Just confirmed, we will be on the Gamewahalla fair in Aarschot. The fair is situated near Leuven and will be held on sunday 1st of march 2020. We will be together with the Retrovolt stand of David Maene, known for his retro gaming stands on Comiccon and Facts. […]


Here is the calendar of upcoming events where DJSIDE and CHAIN REACTION is represented. GAMEWAHALLA @ Aarschot on the 1st of march 2020. FACTS @ EXPO Ghent on the 4th of april 2020 (tbc). RETROGAMEBEURS @ TILBURG on the 24th of may 2020 (tbc). PIXEL DAYS @ Aiseau-Presles […]


Please find here our accounts of Chain Reaction : CHAIN REACTION link Click here to go back to the main page.


Here is an overview of all the accounts on DJSIDE DJSIDE link link link Click here to go back to the main page.