Some new Xbox games are added on the CHAIN REACTION page of

We have added new games to the FBA stock of amazon france. Most of the new items are Xbox One games.

You can check everything on this link :


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DJSIDE will be on the Gamewahalla Retro Game Beurs in Putte (B) on sunday the 10th of november 2019.

Just being confirmed : DJSIDE will be on the Gamewahalla Retro Game beurs with most of our games available. The Prime game on will not be available here.

PayPal payments are accepted. Also instant bank transfer only available on apps from Argenta, KBC and ING. All other banks are refused !!!

Because we don’t want to make banks richer than they are and because they took a lot of money from the people we are accepting the crypto currency XRP (Ripple) on the fair as payment. No need for a bank to do a payment. We will put a XRP price calculater soon.

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We are accepting the crypto XRP (Ripple) coin as payment for our video games.

All you have to do is to open a wallet (like Atomic Wallet) and an exchange market (like Kraken or Binance) and send directly XRP coins to my address :

XRP address : ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (no TAG number needed, but you can put the transaction number of the item on eBay).

Transfer time is less than a minute. Your transaction will be displayed under this image.

ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (139629765)49.999988 XRPShow transaction2019-12-02 00:39:10
rP1afBEfikTz7hJh2ExCDni9W4Bx1dUMRk (50)50 XRPShow transaction2019-11-25 16:57:31
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (139628267)280.000052 XRPShow transaction2019-10-25 22:40:12
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (3004960877)98.9799 XRPShow transaction2019-10-24 20:27:20
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (358772692)10 XRPShow transaction2019-10-21 15:10:41

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DJSIDE will be on the RETRO GAMEBEURS at HAALTERT on the 6th of October 2019

A new date is set : 6th of October 2019 Gamefair in Centrum DE KOUTER, middelkouter 10 at HAALTERT (near AALST) from 9am till 3pm.

It is a smaller fair than the DUNGEON fair in Kalken, but more interesting in the fact that not everybody can just sell here. They make a selection of the games sellers & collectors.

What games will be available on the fair :

  • All the DJSIDE games on
  • All the DJSIDE games on except the Prime games.
  • DJSIDE games on
  • All other games in stock that are not on the internet.

Open in Spotify

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DJSIDE will be on the RETRO DUNGEON fair on sunday the 1st of september 2019

It will be the first time that DJSIDE will be on a fair selling some of the video games we have in stock. All games are in very good condition. We don’t sell broken or scratched disks. Also most of the games are complete with manual.

The address of the retro games fair is :

Zaal SCALA, Colmanstraat 51, 9270 KALKEN. (near Wetteren & Ghent).

Hope to see you there.

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New Prime games have been added to the CHAIN REACTION shop on Amazon France

A lot of Prime games have been added. If you buy for min €25 you don’t have to pay postage costs. Also Prime members don’t have to pay any postage (even under €25).

CHAIN REACTION shop on (home marketplace)

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New games available on the DJSIDE eBay shop

We have added some new games on the DJSIDE eBay shop. Click on these links to see the content :

DJSIDE eBay store (BE-fr)

DJSIDE eBay store (BE-nl)

DJSIDE eBay store (UK)

DJSIDE eBay store (DE)

We are sending to Belgium (€4), The Netherlands (€7), Germany (€9), France (€5), Europe (€10) and Worldwide (€15).

To France, we are sending to Mondial Relay stores (€5). If you choose for a home address you have to pick Europe delivery (€10).

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A happy 2019 to everyone !!!

DJSIDE and the CHAIN REACTION team wishes all our customers a happy new year. Below you can find all the links of our webshops. Just click on a link and a tab page will pop-up. You can jump back by clicking on the HOME link.

Some new games will be added to the CHAIN REACTION page on Amazon France.

You can see the new games on our  chain reaction account on Amazon France :

AMAZON.FR chain reaction (home marketplace)

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We have updated our DJSIDE eBay shop

DJSIDE shop on eBay (NL)

We have added more than 50 games on eBay: PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, WiiU, DS and Game Cube games :

DJSIDE shop on eBay (FR)

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