We are accepting the crypto XRP (Ripple) coin as payment for our video games.

All you have to do is to open a wallet (like Atomic Wallet) and an exchange market (like Kraken or Binance) and send directly XRP coins to my address :

XRP address : ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (no TAG number needed, but you can put the transaction number of the item on eBay).

Transfer time is less than a minute. Your transaction will be displayed under this image.

ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (139629765)49.999988 XRPShow transaction2019-12-02 00:39:10
rP1afBEfikTz7hJh2ExCDni9W4Bx1dUMRk (50)50 XRPShow transaction2019-11-25 16:57:31
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (139628267)280.000052 XRPShow transaction2019-10-25 22:40:12
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (3004960877)98.9799 XRPShow transaction2019-10-24 20:27:20
ra7Yimi2hk6XFPnimZeDcShYJnLWi8yv4X (358772692)10 XRPShow transaction2019-10-21 15:10:41

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